Update from MATE.logistics

Good news:  More US bikes cleared customs

US recent shipments have been held up due to an inspection by US Customs. As a result of the escalating tradewar, interpretations and enforcement of content requirements from the US Customs are increasingly becoming stricter and stricter with a large element of subjectivity. It’s been a long, drawn out process that required a lot of effort from our Trade lawyers and manufacturer. To get it finally resolved, we had to make some painful and tough choices.


The good news for you is that these detained containers are now being released and will soon head to the warehouse. Deliveries will start from next week. We also have two containers in a bonded warehouse. We will be removing the non-US bikes from the container, and then the rest will also be released for last mile delivery soon. The remaining of our shipments will go through normally. We have 2 more containers ready to go from Taiwan next week. All in all, the majority of the US bikes will reach you in the next few weeks.


As another additional support, we have implemented the requirement of mandatory signatures upon collection to minimize the risk  of misplacement or theft.


Good news EU: Last Mile delivery will resume after temporary stall  

In the EU, we have been challenged by the ability to mass deliver to certain countries due to the weight of the bike. This has resulted in a need to renegotiate some delivery contracts and include some new suppliers. We are happy to announce that they are now in place so we can continue to deliver the last mile. The bikes will be moved to a new warehouse from where the distribution will happen. Our adjusted schedule is to process these bikes next week on 18-19 September, and to start shipping out 20 September (Friday). The handling capacity is similar to our previous 1-2 containers per day, which means all containers currently at the warehouse, at port or about to arrive to port, should be processed within a 12-14 day window. The last mile delivery typically ranges from 1-7 days dependent upon final location. This means the 2,200 backers who to some degree may have felt in limbo can now be reassured that their MATE X will reach them soon.


You will still be receiving a last mile tracking email before final delivery! If you don’t have any news on your bike or you see no movement, it’s not a signal that anything is wrong. Do be considerate in contacting in CS, we are currently flooded with individual requests, check the process chart before. And please do not try to contact our business trading partners directly as this only slows down the process. Thanks a lot for your kind understanding.


Container tracking numbers

We have unfortunately experienced that our forthcoming and transparent way of communication has resulted in an overwhelming amount of inquiries. Our decision on sharing container tracking numbers has lead to some unnecessary burdening on our trading and business partners as well as on our Customer Service. It has also created noise in our backers forum. For these reasons, we have decided to no longer share them for all future shipments. We will, however, continue to send ETA emails when backer bikes are on their way, but you will not be able to trace its every move. Please note : This has no bearing on how quickly you will receive your MATE X.


New Zealand and Mexico are shipped out! 

Good news for our New Zealand and Mexican backers as shipments now have ETDs and ETAs.


New Zealand ETD 10th Sept. and ETA 7 Oct.

Mexico ETD 11 Sept. and ETA 9 Oct.


With two more shipping solutions secured, we have now moved directly onto our pending countries with enthusiasm and stamina.



As a non-EU country, Switzerland has its own set of challenging regulations and documentation processes. It seems we finally cracked it and found a way to import to Switzerland using individual frame numbers.  We hope to get the confirmation from the authorities on the new process as we are ready to ship the bikes. Keep on the lookout for updates as we progress. Kindly bear with us as we navigate through this.



We are working on clearing the export documentation. We will update you as soon as we have more concrete news. Earliest expected loading date is the week of 23 Sept. but its still to be confirmed.



We are pleased to inform our Russian backers that we have a shipping solution in place! We need to wait for the last bike production to be finished to consolidate the shipment but then your MATE X will be on its way. Scheduled production completion is estimated in 4-6 weeks.


Final Production batch of 1,950 bikes

We are now on  the last batch of production! If you have not yet received any shipping information this means you are in this batch. Our forecast is for the production to be completed by mid October. In this batch we have tried our best to take on learning and feedback from the 1000’s of backers in our efforts to continuously improve and give the best possible MATE X experience we can (eg range settings, fenders, packaging to protect fork, tires, front lights etc). Hope you agree with our call to optimise the production with quality and implement learnings rather than rush it.

Final production – EU/US/CANADA/MEXICO

This  last batch includes around 1,300 MATEs for EU/US. We will also be including any remaining (mostly recent) backers from Canada and Mexico into the US shipment to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

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