Battery guidelines

On this page we will provide you tips to get the best possible range on your battery. You’ll also find advice on how to charge and store your battery in winter.


How to maximise battery range

Many factors can influence the range of your battery. On the top of this list is what amp battery you have AND how you ride your MATE. Other factors include weather conditions, terrain, towing weight and of course display settings.

To get the most out of your battery in terms of both range and lifetime, while increasing the lifetime of key electrical components such as motor and controller, we recommend that you follow our list of BEST PRACTICES:

  • BE ACTIVE in riding your MATE. It is always best to combine some human power to help assist the e-bike system to minimise strain. This will give you maximum range and pleasure
  • When pedaling, try to keep a higher RPM (cadence) to further minimise strain on motor from torque overload.
  • When riding uphill, set it to the lowest (easiest) gear possible and help the bike out by putting in at least 60% effort (especially on steep hills).
  • Use the throttle only for short periods of time – and only on flat or rolling terrain, not uphill. Using only throttle for extended periods of time or up hills will cause the battery to quickly drain and possibly overheat the motor which can lead to damage. The moment you notice your motor overheating, immediately stop and power down the bike to let it cool down before continuing with your ride.
  • Always keep your tire pressure set at the correct value of 1.4 bar (20 psi). It is best to check pressure every week.
  • Periodically check that all cables are in good condition and securely connected.
  • Periodically check all bolts to ensure that they are tight.
  • Be sure to periodically inspect the brake pads too spot if they need to be replaced or are rubbing against the brake rotor (which can significantly lower battery range).

Battery care in winter

During winter, we recommend that you:

  • Adjust your ride accordingly, to account for a more quickly depleted battery during this time of year. Similar to phones and other Lithium-Ion powered devices, the battery on your MATE will experience changes in extreme temperatures.
  • To get the most range out of your battery during winter, start your ride off with a room-temperature bike. This means bringing your battery (and ideally your whole bike) inside the house during cold weather.
  • Before charging, always allow a minimum of two hours for the battery to warm up to room temperature. NEVER charge your battery when the surrounding area is below 5°C / 40°F
  • When storing the bike for long periods of time, it is best to store the battery – ideally along with your MATE – in a cool, dry area (out of direct sunlight) that is between 10°C – 20°C / 50°F – 70°F. Charge it to 70% before storing. Every 3 months, charge battery back up to 70%. Before using battery again, charge it completely. This is going to maintain the health of your battery so that you AND your bike will be ready to ride again in the Spring!