Buying advice

Why buy a MATE?

MATE.BIKE is a Copenhagen-based company founded in 2016 by the siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton who wanted to disrupt the unhandy, granny and expensive e-bike market by making bikes cool, flexible and affordable.

MATE is not your regular eBike. MATE is the result of morphing the elegantly simplistic design with innovative technology. Experience the electrifying feeling of freedom

Read more below or check out some of the positive professional reviews: MATE X or  MATE City.

You might be unsure if you should buy a MATE – but there is a few things you be 100% sure off: These bikes make heads turn and are incredibly fun to ride! They will bring a smile on your face and in addition they’re very practical. The foldable design and the easy access and ability to upgrade your MATE ensures a unique lifestyle and practical product in one.

MATE bike successfully disrupted the eBike industry by launching two of the biggest crowdfunding campaigns ever! Many companies try to copy our bikes but there is only one true MATE experience. We continually evolve the bikes and have several exciting launches planned.

In short: If you want the ultiMATE eBike experience then buy from us!

We primarily sell direct with no middlemen. This means you get lower prices and excellent value for money.

Once you buy a MATE you instantly join a family of thousands of eBike enthusiasts. Request to become a member in our Facebook Backers forum and you’ll have access to a whole world of helpful people willing to support you with tips and tricks. And this is just the beginning. We are constantly working to serve our customers with cool tools like the Mate Assistant app, and we are committed to providing both an excellent bike and a great community and customer service.

There are very few eBike companies committed to global delivery. We are not fully there yet but we are working to ensure that people ALL over the world can hit the streets on a MATE.

To deliver on this promise we partner with leading couriers services. We’ve also developed a custom Bike Guard box ourselves, to ensure your bike gets to you in mint condition. For an overview of countries we deliver to please click this link.

We are currently in the proces of setting up a new section of our webshop and a complete spareparts centre. This means that you shortly will be able to replace all worn out parts on your MATE or make cool upgrades with just a few clicks.