What to do if your MATE has damaged parts or isn't working

On this page you can find guidelines on what to do if parts are damaged and assistance if your MATE isn’t working as it should.

Damaged parts

Damaged parts are slightly more complicated as there are different scenarios:

  1. Part(s) are damaged during shipping
  2. Part(s) are damaged from factory
  3. Part(s) are damaged from use
  4. Your bike isn’t working but you’re not sure why

Below, each scenario is explained. Please note that damages from use will be reviewed against warranty policies to judge if the responsibility lies with us or if the damage is your personal responsibility.

1. Damages caused by shipping

It’s VERY important that you inspect the box when its being delivered. If any noticeable damages to the box you must refuse to accept it so that the courier can return it to us and a replacement shipped. Please find more information here.

2. Damages from factory

E-bikes are complicated products, so it’s therefore important that you assemble your MATE in line with the instructions provided in the manual and in the MATE Assistant.

Should you still experience any issues (mechanical or electrical) or if part(s) have clear damages, then please fill in this form.

Our Customer Service team and mechanics will then review your case and get back to you. If the parts are damaged from factory or covered by warranty (fair use), replacement parts will be shipped to you.

Similarly to missing parts, please note:

We are currently in the process of setting up additional spare parts centers in Europe and US. We’re working as quickly as possible and expect to have it up and running in June 2020. Therefore it will take some time to fulfil all requests as we currently have a backlog. We appreciate your patience.

3. Damage from use

The best way to avoid damage is to make sure you properly maintain your bike and ride it responsibly. For guidance on how to best maintain your bike, we will soon launch a separate section on the helpdesk.

For electrical parts (motor and controller), it’s important you understand and remember that our products are eBikes – they are not electrical scooters. To prolong the lifetime of your bike, you need to use the throttle with some moderation and make sure pedal assistant levels are used correctly. For guidance on this, we will soon launch a separate section on the helpdesk.

Should you still experience any issues (mechanical or electrical), please fill in the this form.

4. No obvious damage but your bike isn’t working as it should

Sometimes this issue can be very simple to fix, check out our How-to videos to troubleshoot. If that doesn’t help, please fill in this form.