Getting your Mate X on the road

Congratulations on becoming a MATE X owner – we welcome you to the MATE family and thank you for your support in helping us bringing to the world a cool and affordable eBike – made for any rider, any journey, any situation.

On this page you find instructions on how to assemble your MATE X along with tips on how to configure the bike for optimal performance. Let’s get this show on the road!

Safety instructions and other ressources

When it comes to guidance on how to assemble, maintain, ride etc. your MATE X there are 3 official sources you can get information from:

  1. MATE X owners manual (enclosed in the box your MATE X arrives with)
  2. MATE X Assistant (an app with useful articles and videos – you can download it by scanning the QR code on the bike box OR downloading it here)
  3. MATE Helpdesk – the website you are currently browsing

Any additional sources you come across are not officially associated with MATE. MATE bike is not responsible for any damages incurred by customers following instructions from these unassociated sources.

Safety instructions

Before you get started it’s important to stress the importance of safety. For this reason we kindly ask that you read the following safety instructions (these can also be found in the owners manual enclosed in the box your MATE arrives in):

lf you are unfamiliar with any aspect of the manual your MATE arrives with, it is recommended that you take your MATE and this manual to a local bike shop for inspection, assembly and instructions.

It is extremely important that you follow the safety guidelines contained in this manual in arder to ensure maximum safety for you as well as maximum durability of your MATE. Befare you ride your MATE for the first time, please be absolutely sure that it has been correctly assembled. You will find step by step instructions in this manual. But if for any reason you are not completely certain, please bring it to your nearest bicycle shop.

Key assembly steps that must be completed with absolute certainty (to include secure fastening) are pedals, saddle height, handlebar (both rotation and height) and wheels.

  • Please ensure all safety latches, including quick releases and rings, are locked in place and snug without any
  • Please ensure all bolts (including the front/rear wheels, saddle bolt and brake rotors) are properly tightened.
  • Certain components must be tightened to exact specifications using a torque wrench for safety assurance. Fixed front wheel axle nut: 28-32Nm, Fixed rear wheel axle nut: 30-35Nm, Handlebar bolts: 6-8Nm, Handlebar stem bolt 13-15Nm, Bar end bolts: 4-5Nm, Saddle bolt: 22Nm.
  • lf you are unfamiliar with cycling, we suggest that you take a cycling course that includes safe riding.
  • Test your brakes prior to using the MATE every time. In wet or icy conditions, use extra caution.
  • Frequently check your tire pressures. They should be pumped to 1.4 bar (20 psi). Low tire pressures will result in damage to the tires and rims. It con shorten the lifespan of your MATE as well as cut your ride short if you suffer from a flat lire.
  • We recommend you to always wear a helmet when riding any MATE.
  • Please observe all traffic regulations and other applicable laws, including any lighting laws.
  • Don’t drink and ride. Even a smalI amount of alcohol con impair your judgement, lowering your ability to remain safe on the MATE.
  • Weather and nighttime operation can be tricky in in-climate, icy or snowy¬† weather and at night.
  • Don’t lend your MATE to anyone who is unfamiliar with it. lf you choose to loan your MATE to anyone, make sure they have also read and fully understand this owner’s manual.
  • MATEs are not toys. All riders must beat least 16 years old.
  • All MATEs are meant to be ridden by a single person. Total recommended weight of rider, including all items such as backpack, is 150 kg (330 Ibs.)
  • Your MATE is intended for riding on both street and light off-road. Be extra careful if you decide to use it on other surfaces.
  • It is advisable to be extremely cautious when riding in traffic. Cars are not used to the speed at which a MATE con travel, as compared to a regular bike.
  • Since it is impossible to anticipate every situation or condition which con occur while on the MATE, this is manual makes no representation about the safe use of the MATE under all conditions.
  • There are risks associated with the use of any transportation vehicle like a
  • These risks cannot be predicted or avoided, hence they remain the sole responsibility of the rider.
  • When you need to replace the battery, please either dispose of it properly or send it back to us or your local bike shop to ensure that it is properly recycled. Warning: Do NOT take apart OR repair parts by yourself. Please go to your local bike shop that has experience with e-bikes.

lf In doubt above any of the above, please contact

Getting to know your MATE X

In your owners manual you’ll find a breakdown of the components making up your MATE (extra parts and perks are not listed). Before you start assembling the bike we recommend you check that all parts are in the box and not damaged.

If any parts are damaged or missing please follow the instructions on this page.

Below you can see the list of components – please check against this list and your order invoice to make sure all parts are there. Once confirmed you’re ready to start assembling your bike ūüí™

Assembling your MATE X

Detailed instructions on how to assemble your MATE can be found in the owners manual pages 13-19.

In case you’ve lost the manual please contact Customer Service ( so a new one can be sent to you.

To make assembly SUPER EASY for you we’re in the process of shooting a step-by-step video. For now we kindly ask you follow the owners manual and then we’ll post the video here once ready (expected October 18th).¬†¬†

Check list before you ride your MATE X

Before you hit the road please make sure to go through the below checklist..

If you’re certain that the bike is ready to be ridden safely you should take the bike to your local bike mechanic.

Enjoy your ride MATE!

Troubleshooting and How to-videos

So you’ve ridden your MATE and are starting to wonder if some settings are correct? Look no further and check-out below table and our awesome How-to videos!

PS: We will continue to add more content so please stop by Helpdesk often to see new content…


How-to videos

For instructions and inspiration on how to tweak your MATE X settings to perfection please see this page.

Happy riding!

MATE X model comparison

Unsure what MATE X model to buy? Below is table comparison for your convenience.

PS: We will provide a lot more information on this so stay tuned!